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Business Law Book: Text and Cases 14th Edition. Business Law by Kenneth W. Clarkson (Author), Roger LeRoy Miller (Author), Frank B. Cross (Author)

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Roger Leroy Miller studied at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Chicago. He worked at a number of universities, including the University of Washington, Clemson University, and the University of Miami School of law, where he taught courses in intellectual property and entertainment law. A highly respected author, he has published in the Insurance Consulting journal, Defense Research, the California trial lawyers Journal, the antitrust Bulletin, the Wisconsin Law Review, and the Connecticut Law Review. Or co-author of many leading textbooks, including labor law: text and cases; The legal medium of Business: text and cases; labour law today; Labour Law; and legal medium today written.

Frank B. Cross is Herbert D., a professor of Labor Law at the University of Texas at Austin School of law Kelleher's research focuses on traditional policy and doctrinal issues in judicial decision making, law and litigation economics, and administrative law. The Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review, Chicago Law Review New York University Law Review, Texas law review, Virginia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, Faculty of Law Department of Northwestern University, UCLA Law Review, wrote a few books for parts such as. Professor Cross, former President of the Academy of Business Legal Studies, earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and his J. D.he received his B. A. from Harvard Law School.


Instead of buying the book for $ 200, I rent it for about $ 30. It's not worth buying for me because it's for a class. I believe the laws are a variable and not a fix, so it can change in a few years or ten years, even if you learn about it.

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The content of the book is very informative and well written. The problem was that the bond was starting to fall apart. We recommend distributing new products with better quality.

He's very happy that it's available for rent. The book is in good condition but tied up it takes a while to get used to it, but it can read well enough.

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